Ayden's Guide to Drawing in AutoCAD R13

    Do these steps once only
    1. Make prototype drawing (include: layers, dimension and text styles, grid, snap, blips, etc……)

    2. Switch to Paper Space

    3. Set  Limits = Max. Plot Area

    4. Switch to Tiled Model Space

    5. Save as a drawing (this is your PROTOTYPE)

    6. Make Title Block
            6.1 Select Sheet size
            6.2 Draw Title block with offset on left and Max. Plot on right
            6.3 Add text, Attributes, etc….

    Do these Steps for Every Drawing
    7. Start NEW drawing using Prototype file created above

    8. Do drawing full scale (Metric: 1=1mm, Architectural: 1=1”) in MODEL Space

    9. Switch to Paper Space

    10. Ensure UNITS are set correctly

    11. Insert title block at 0,0 with scale 1 and rotation 0

    12. Switch to Viewport layer

    13. Make Viewports in desired pattern

    14. Switch to Floating Model Space

    15. Scale each Viewport (Zoom 1/???xp) and freezes viewport layers as desired

    16. Switch to Paper Space

    17. Turn on Hideplot (for 3D drawings)

    18. Turn off Viewport Layer if desired

    19. Add view titles if required

    20. Plot Drawing Using: Limits, 1=1, Check the Rotation angle